Connecting to SmartClient with your Ipad


Connecting to SmartClient with your Ipad is easy. First, visit the AppStore and download the free Microsoft Remote Desktop app. The icon for the app looks like this:

Once the app has been downloaded you will need to configure the remote desktop connection. From the main screen click New Remote Desktopnewremotedekstop

Enter your desired Connection name. For PC name enter sc.quikstor.comconnection_pc

 Enter your SmartClient user name and password. Be sure this is formatted as quikdns\username The direction of the slash ( \ ) is important.credentialsOnce the credentials have been saved you will now be able to access SmartClient by clicking on the remote desktop account you have just created on your Ipad.connect_smartclient

Once you log on to the SmartClient server you will be able to access SmartClient and QuikStor Express as you would from any other computer. There are a few special considerations. Since you have no keyboard you will need to use the keyboard function built into the Remote Desktop app. You can do so by clicking the keyboard icon as follows: keyboard

It’s that easy!


Manny Ramirez

Technical Support

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