How to Add a DVR to DMS Lite

Once you have created views, you are able to add content to the views. Content can be video from individual cameras or devices, carousels for viewing images from alternating cameras in a single view position.

Adding Devices
To add a device to DMS Lite, do the following:
1. In the Setup tab’s Views pane, select the configuration tab. When you select configuration, the device list view is outlined in the main section of the DMS Lite window.

2. In the Device List, select the “Add” tab on the bottom right corner of the DMS Lite Window:

3. When clicked “Add” from the previous step a box will pop-up titled “New Device”, Enter a device name typically your DVR Name:

4. Enter your DVR’s Public IP Address or Local IP Address in the [Address] Field:
*Only use your Local IP Address if your installation of DMS Lite is on the same internal network.

5. Enter your DVR’s Web Port number in the [Port] Field:
*Most DVR’s are going to use 8080 or 6100. You need to verify which port your DVR uses by checking the DVR port settings at the main location.

6. Enter your DVR’s User Credentials in the [ID] & [Password] Fields:

If Connected Properly, your Device list should Display your DVR device state as “Connected”.


Danny Ruiz

Technical Support Manager