How to enable Paperless in Ecommerce

Going Paperless is an exciting process that revolutionizes the way you and your company work on a daily basis. Though you may have a paper mountain to climb, we make it like a stroll through the woods. The funny thing about Going Paperless is that it has very little to do with paper in the end.

Tenants can sign-up for paperless in 2 minutes!

It’s quick, easy and secure. If your tenants have access to their account on your website, simply follow the instructions on how to enable paperless billing (one-time setup).

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Internet Setup in QuikStor Express

  • Step 2: Select the E-Commerce Tab

  • Step 3: Under the Sub Tab click Other Options
  • Step 4: Enable Allow Go Paperless

You have successfully enabled Paperless which means that tenants can receive their bills and receipts via email. If you should have any problems or questions, please call QuikStor’s Technical Support at 1-800-321-1987.

Danny Ruiz

Technical Support Manager