Inventory Reports

This section provides reports dealing with your inventory.  Below is a breakdown of the various reports it contains with a brief description of each.

Current Inventory (E-Y-M)

This report lists the current items held in inventory, how many are in stock, and any notes made in reference to each.

Inventory Transactions – by Time or Item (E-Y-N) & (E-Y-O)

This report lists all transactions for inventory, whether payments or direct changes to the amount of stock on hand.  You choose the date range for the report.  The columns of information printed are the transaction date, unit number or inventory change, tenant’s name, sales tax, and the inventory item.

Quarterly Inventory Sales (Q-I-S)

This report provides you with a quarterly breakdown for the year of all of your inventory sales.  The information and the quarterly time period is based off of what you select as your start date. This report provides you with the starting and ending dates of each quarter, the inventory sales, sales tax, total for that quarter, and then on the bottom of the report is a total of the inventory sales for the year.

Inventory Items Totaled by Item (F-R-E-D)

This report shows a breakdown, but item, of stock and transaction involving each item. It then totals per item.

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support