Schedule reports E-E / E-E-1 during Overnight

In QuikStor Express Version the following E-E report and the E-E-1 report are now enabled to be scheduled by the Overnight Scheduler!

  • Three Available Report (E-E): Rather than look up the available units in various sizes several times throughout the day, you could choose this report, which will show you up to three vacant units from each type, all at the same time. If there are only one or two units available in a particular size, then that’s all the report will show. And, if there are no units available in a particular size, then you won’t see any listing for that size. The first column shows you the unit size, followed by the type, monthly rent, pro-rated rent, the unit numbers available, floor, door type, and whether the units are inside or outside.
  • Three Available by Square Footage (E-E-1)


Danny Ruiz

Technical Support Manager