Shutting Down QSX Forcefully

Shutting down QuikStor Express software forcefully while processing payments or during move-ins can result in several issues within QSX.

Sometimes it may seem like QuikStor Express is stuck or frozen while waiting for a credit card transaction to process.

In most instances the authorization confirmation window has simply not come forward on the screen. To avoid the possibility of payments not posting on tenant accounts and move-ins showing as ‘vacant’ due to a forceful shutdown, try these handy tricks to prevent unnecessary stress!


ALT + TAB: This shortcut allows you to switch between open program windows without using the mouse. Hit these keys together a few times to cycle through your open programs. This should allow the confirmation window to come forward and allow you to click OK!


Show Desktop: in Windows7 and Windows8, Microsoft added a quick way to minimize ALL open windows and show the desktop. It can be found as a nearly invisible little button to the right of the clock, in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Clicking this button will minimize all open windows to the desktop. Clicking on the minimized QSX bar will bring QuikStor Express back up, and should bring the confirmation window forward.



Danny Ruiz

Technical Support Manager