User Setup

usersetupwindowThis window allows an owner to create user names for the users of QuikStor Express.  It will also allow an owner to assign which features of the program each user will be able to access.

Note:  This option is grayed out under normal configurationA special owner’s password is required and given to the owner solely.  If you are an owner and would like to use this setup and were not given the password please contact your QuikStor Account Representative. 

To get to this window, go to the File menu on the toolbar and select User Setup.

Assigning users and setting their access is one of the most important security measures you can implement in QuikStor Express.  It allows you to limit access to sensitive sections of the program, and prevent certain users from accidentally viewing, changing or deleting important data.

When you open QuikStor Express, you are prompted to enter a user name and password.  By creating a unique user name for each employee, manager, and general user of QuikStor Express, you can limit access to sensitive areas of the program.  Using this tool you can specify which areas of the program each individual user can access or change.

Below are the four different items you can work with within this window and a description on how to use each.