E-commerce Setup

Congratulations on partnering with QuikStor to provide your tenant with online payments, rentals and reservations. This page will walk you through configuring the settings for E-commerce as well as explain some of the great features now available to you! If you want a printable checklist as you go through the steps, download this one: E-commerce Setup Checklist



Step 1: Initial Setup
Step 2: Configuring Email Settings
Step 3: Configuring E-commerce Settings
Step 4: Connecting Your Website
Step 5: QuikStor OnDemand
Step 6: Synchronization


Step 7: Online Reservation
Step 8: Testing a Contact Us Email
Step 9: Tenant Login
Step 10: Tenant Login Troubleshooting
Step 11: Online Rental Experience


Step 12: Setting up move-in specials
Step 13: E-Signature with DocVerify
Step 14: Customizing E-Commerce Images
Step 15: Custom Page Messages
Step 16: Can I customize “X”
Step 17: SSL Certificates and You
Step 18: Google Analytics Tracking

1. Initial Setup

The initial setup of your E-Commerce platform must be completed by our technical support team. In most instances, they will need to log into your main QuikStor Express computer via TeamViewer. Usually you can find the TeamViewer icon in your QuikStor Express software under Help->TeamViewer. If it is not there, or you have trouble finding it, you can download from http://connect.teamviewer.com/v13 . The technician will need your TeamViewer ID and Password to connect. Once we connect, we’ll need your database for 15 – 30 minutes to do the setup. During this time you will not be able to use the computer or the software. In addition, we may need to reboot the computer. Here is a sample of the TeamViewer screen with a sample ID and password.

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2. Configuring Email Settings

Emails are an integral component of doing business online. Your E-Commerce site will be able to email receipts and rental agreements. Your site will also email you information from any tenants and potential tenants who submit inquiries via your contact form. Setting up email is easily taken care of by you directly in your software. This video walks you through the process:

If you are having any trouble with your SMTP settings, we’ve created this knowledge base article with the most commonly used settings. If these don’t help, you will need to reach out to your email service provider for assistance: SMTP Settings

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3. Configuring E-Commerce Settings

The E-Commerce settings area of your software has several tabs that must be configured. This video walks you through each tab. It is essential for you to take the time to properly configure your settings so that your E-Commerce works as you expect it.

4. Connecting Your Website

If you are using a QuikStor designed website, your E-Commerce pages will automatically be connected to your website for you.

If you have designed your own website, or if you are using a 3rd Party to design your website, you will need to have your website designer add your E-Commerce links to your site. The link formats are consistent across all QuikStor E-Commerce sites but your site name will be customized for your facility. Our design team will let you know what your exact links are.

Rent / Reserve = https://ecom.quikstor.com/your_storage_name/Rentals/RentReserve

Account Login: = https://ecom.quikstor.com/your_storage_name/Account/Login

5. QuikStor OnDemand

QuikStor OnDemand is QuikStor’s view-only portal for reports. In addition, it will work in conjunction with Guardian Series keypads to give the owner and/or manager the ability to open the gate from anywhere with an internet connection. We will send you an email with your QuikStor OnDemand credentials when they are ready. This video tutorial walks through some of the features of QuikStor OnDemand:

Access QuikStor OnDemand at: https://www.quikstorondemand.com

6. Synchronization

7. Online Reservation Experience

8. Contact Us Emails

Your QuikStor hosted Ecommerce pages will all have a Contact Us form in the footer. This can be used by any website visitor to send the facility an email via the website. This video shows you the customer experience when sending the email as well as the email that is received by the facility. After setting up your email settings in your software, it is a good idea to test the email functionality by sending a test email using the contact us form.

9. Tenant Login & Payment Experience

Your E-commerce site gives your tenants an easy to use glimpse of their unit rental from the convenience of their own home. They can login to their account any time, day or night, and view transaction history or make a payment among other things. This video walks you through the tenant login and payment experience.

10. Resetting A Tenant’s Password & Tenant Login Troubleshooting

This video walks you through resetting a tenants password as well as other scenarios that may prevent a tenant from logging in to their account portal. Your QuikStor Express software will allow tenants to set a web password that is different from their gate code. If they forget that password, you can reset it for them directly in the software.

It is also possible to restrict online access for specific tenants on a case by case basis. This video shows you where that is controlled in the tenants record.

Keep in mind that with linked units, each unit has it’s own login. We do not currently support linked unit payments online.

11. Online Rental Experience

The online rental experience has been designed to be quick and easy for your prospective tenants. In this video walk-through, we’ll explain each aspect of the online rental process and show you just how easy it is for someone to select and rent a unit online.

12. Setting Up Move-In Specials

Need to fill up? Have a bunch of 5×5’s or just want to offer a summer special to encourage college kids to store with you? Setting up a move-in special is a great way to incentivize visitors to your website to rent now! Only available for rentals, not for reservations, this guide covers the basics of setting up move-in specials and making them available online.

13. E-Signature with DocVerify

It is easy to take your online rentals one step further using DocVerify. Our integration with DocVerify allows your new tenant to sign their lease digitally online as part of the move-in process. Once they sign, their payment is completed and a copy of their lease emailed to them. This video shows you how easy that process is.

14. Customizing E-Commerce Images

Ecommerce images can be customized based on unit square footage. Our Ecommerce uses two image sets. One for parking and one for everything else.

The images can be changed up to one time per quarter at no additional charge. You must supply .jpg or .png  of the images you desire. They will be scaled to a size of 281 x 260.

To customize your images, please send in the images you would like to use and advise where each image should be used, or let us know if you would like us to use one of our stock images in more than one place. If you send over custom graphics, please send each image as an individual attachment to your email (not embedded in the email).


  • 0-100 Square Feet
  • 101-150 Square Feet
  • 151-495 Square Feet
  • 496+ Square Feet

Default Image for Parking

Storage / Other

  • 0-25 Square Feet
    Orange briefcase
  • 26-50 Square Feet
    Green sofa
  • 51-100 Square Feet 
    Brown Sofa
  • 101-200 Square Feet
    Green Sofa                       
  • 201+ Square Feet
    2 Couches
Other Available Custom Images

Wine Storage

Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles



Blue RV

Blue RV

Semi Truck

Semi Truck



Jet Ski

Jet Ski

Shipping Container

Shipping Container



Your Custom Image

You can email us your custom image to be used as well.

Your Custom Image

Your Custom Image

15. Custom Page Messages

Do you have an important note you want to make sure all your visitors see? All E-commerce customers have two custom message place holders they can update at any time, right from within their software. In addition, if you have a QuikStor hosted website, you will have access to a third custom message placeholder on your main page. Check out this video to see how you can customize page messages.

16. Can I Customize “X”

We get a lot of questions about what is and is not customizable on the QuikStor E-commerce pages. This video covers the basics of what we can and can’t do.

17. SSL Certificates and You

SSL Certificates are now becoming standard for all websites. Your E-commerce site automatically has an SSL certificate included with your monthly subscription. This quick video explains where to look for SSL certificate information and a few other basics.

18. Google Analytics Tracking

Want to dive deeper into your marketing / online statistics. You can easily add your Google analytics tracking code to your QuikStor E-commerce pages. Doing so will enable you to really drill down your visitor traffic and activity. This video gives an overview of some things you can look at with analytics.