Infinity Keypad Commands

Here are a list of keypad commands that can be done on your Infinity Keypad. These commands are useful to know when one of our techs calls in to support your keypads.

All keypad commands start with “**1#” and end with “#”

  • Show IP Address: 4723 – This command will display the IP Address assigned to the keypad.
  • Display Version: 8377 – Displays the current version running on the keypad.
  • Enable / Disable Sound: 7663 – Enables or Disables audio on the keypad.
  • Restart RPI: 7378 – Restarts and power cycles the keypad without needing to unplug it
  • Shutdown RPI: 7488 – Shuts down the keypad (Note: The screen will continue to say shutting down until power is disconnected)

An example of how to use them:
The power to your facility shut off due to a blackout. Your PC and Modem IP changed in the process. A Quikstor Technical Support agent calls in and assists you with connecting the Keypad to the PC. They’ll ask you to enter the Show IP Address command in order to do so. You would enter: **1#4723# in quick succession. This will display the IP Address and allow the technical support agent to connect the Keypad to the PC.