Setting the ID on your Keypad

mountingkptogooseAll Guardian keypads are pre-configured at the factory with the proper ID.

Do NOT change this ID in the field unless instructed by a QuikStor technician!

This bank of dip switches allow you to ID the keypad so that it can be recognized on the RS-485 data network. The ID schema is based on binary numbers (i.e., 1,2,4,8,16,32…) So if you want the ID to be 6 you would have dip switches 2 and 3 up equaling 6. Contact QuikStor Technical Support if you have any questions on addressing your keypad, however by default your keypad will come pre-configured to the correct ID per the facility contract.

The following diagrams illustrate the proper dip switch positions for keypad ID 1 – 7.


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