Activating Optional Modules in Express

QuikStor Express Professional Edition comes with all of the options listed below. However you can add any of these modules to QuikStor Express Standard Edition. These options enhance how you run you business by adding features such credit card processing, tenant photos, etc.  Below you will find a more comprehensive list of the available modules: Here is a list of some of these different options, and the pages in this manual that go into more detail in explaining what they do.


Online credit card processing

  • The fastest and easiest way to charge credit cards or perform ACH transactions directly through Express
  • Fully PCI Compliant – your credit card information is 100% secure
  • QuikStor Processing provides the lowest flat-rate credit card rates in the industry!
  • Integration with Plug ‘n Pay’s payment gateway allows you to use YOUR merchant processor/bank of choice
  • Automatic credit card processing makes monthly payments a breeze
  • Save time and human error by automatically reading tenant information from their Driver License during a move-in. Uses the same credit card desktop card reader!
  • Click here to read more about the features of QuikPay in this manual

Export to QuickBooks™

QuickBooks™ integration

  • QuikStor’s integration with QuickBooks™ accounting software.
  • Allows you to assign QuikStor’s transaction categories to one or more income categories in QuickBooks™
  • Export all “dollars-across-the-table” transactions to a QuickBooks™ import file
  • Click here to read more about the features of QuickBooks™ integration in this manual


Customize leases, notices and bills (included in Express Professional & Standard)

Quik Email

Email automation

  • Automatically email invoices, tenant correspondences, reports, and automatic off-site backups


Truck rental

  • Truck rental and maintenance module including reservation/rental status, and reports
  • The integration with our partner, Plug ‘n Pay allows seamless transactions from Express’ Payment form

Microsoft Outlook™ Integration

  • Tightly integrates QuikStor Express with Microsoft Outlook™
  • Easily email your tenants receipts, invoices, and notices. E-mailing such letters will cut down on printing and mailing costs.
  • Use all of your default server settings already set-up in Microsoft Outlook™ – no additional effort activating email options in QuikStor Express
  • All of your email will be organized and saved in one location
  • All emails sent from QuikStor Express will open and save in Microsoft Outlook™ along with any other emails sent from Outlook™ directly.

BlueMoon Forms Integration

  • Blue Moon is a program that specializes in form processing software.
  • Blue Moon makes it easy to fill out and print lease forms from your computer so that you no longer have to fill out these forms by hand.
  • No need for an inventory of pre-printed forms..
  • Saves time and money by speeding up the preparation and printing of lease packages and GOLDBOOK© forms.
  • Reduces errors by providing built-in math calculations, default settings for recurring items and charges, automatic data transfers from the main lease form to other forms, built-in error checking, and lease expiration reports.

Driver’s License Swipe (included with QuikPay)

  • Allows your site to automatically insert the information from a new tenant’s driver’s license using one of the new QuikReader Three Layer Card Scanners.
  • Saves a vast amount of time inputting each move-in and/or reservation.
  • Easy to use: simply click a button to use this feature within the move-in and reservation screens in QSX


Create a map of your site

  • Color coding provides a quick status snapshot including occupied, vacancy, delinquent, etc
  • Easily select a unit to work with directly on the map.
  • Indicates which tenants are onsite when combined with QuikStor Guardian Keypads.
  • When combined with QuikStor’s wireless unit alarms it will notify you when there is a tamper or alarm event at a unit
  • Click here to read more about the QuikMap feature in this manual


Store photos of your tenants, or anything else

  • QuikPhoto brings digital photography to your mini-storage
  • Know who is accessing your facility by taking & storing up to 4 photographs per unit
  • Print these pictures to keep as hard copy files
  • Use any digital camera or scanner and make a permanent record of a unit’s contents prior to an auction
  • The QuikPhoto module includes a Logitech QuikCam Express camera
  • Click here to read more about the QuikPhoto feature in this manual


Automated Offsite Backup Service for unparalleled security

  • Choose from two service levels – 30 day service that stores daily data for 30 days or the 7 day service that stores daily data for 7 days
  • Automatically backups your data to QuikStor’s secure servers during Overnight Processing
  • The 30 day service also includes monthly backup service for 12 months
  • Annual subscription required
  • Automatically sends your Daily Report during Overnight Processing to your smart phone
  • Formatted to fit the screen of your mobile device
  • Choose delivery in PDF or JPG format
  • Great for the manager on the go!

Mobile Reporting

Integrated Mail Service

Use an integrated mail service for all of your mail needs

  • Print certified mail labels during overnight processing
  • Choose to have an electronic return receipt that can be viewed online for up to 7 years
  • Use a 3rd party mail service to process all of your mail needs automatically overnight
  • Create default mail settings in QSX or on-the-fly per tenant
  • Free certified letter envelopes from ADS (with valid account setup)

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support