Add Additional Sensor for a Unit

Sometimes it may be necessary to combine two units into one. The resulting unit would then have two doors and two Guardian sensors. When combining units, be sure both sensors in Guardian Control Panel (GCP) are assigned the correct unit number.

To do this, open GCP and go to the Sensor default

Locate the unit number(s) in question. You can sort the sensor list by any of the header columns by clicking on the header name. In the example below I have clicked on Sensor ID to sort the list by sensor ID.sortonsensorid

Once you have located the sensor that needs to be updated. Click in the Unit column and change the unit number to the correct value. In this example I am updating the sensor that was labeled for unit 2 to be a second sensor for unit 1. Click Save All to save your changes.twounitssave

Once the changes have been saved, when the tenant in unit 1 codes in at the gate both sensors on the unit will be disarmed.


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