How to Add Content to Views

Once you have created views, you are able to add content to the views. Content can be video from individual cameras or devices, carousels for viewing images from alternating cameras in a single view position.

Adding Individual Cameras
To add a camera to a view, do the following:

1. In the Setup tab’s Views pane, select the required view. When you select a view, the layout of the selected view is outlined in the main section of the DMS Lite window

Layout of selected view is outlined in main section
(Indicated in red frame in this example)

2. In the Setup tab’s System Overview pane, click the plus sign(+) next to Cameras, then the plus sign next to the required server to view a list of available cameras.

3. Select the required camera from the list, and drag the camera to the required position in the view. When you have dragged a camera to a position in the view, an image from the camera will—provided a connection can be established—appear in the selected position. If a connection cannot be established, for example if the surveillance system’s is not on recording mode, the name of the camera will be displayed in the selected position.

4. Repeat for each camera required in the view.

Tip: If you want to use all of the cameras under a server, you may simply drag the required server link to the view; this will automatically place all of the server’s cameras in the view from the selected position onwards. Make sure a sufficient number of positions are available in the view.

Tip: You can easily change which cameras are included in your view: clear an individual camera position by right clicking the remove button, then drag another camera to the cleared position, or simply overwrite a position by dragging a different camera to the position.


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