Adding an Access Card for Keypad Entry in QuikStor Express

QuikStor’s Guardian Keypads have the ability to accept both magnetic swipe cards for access. Guardian Keypads must be equipped with an add-on card reader module in order for this feature to work. Most magnetic swipe cards can be used including credit cards, club cards, and drivers licenses. QuikStor also sells pre-programmed access cards as a convenience to our customers.

To program the keypad to accept a magnetic swipe for access you will need to also have a desktop credit card reader.

From the tenants Keycode section click the down arrow key next to the word Enter ID. From this menu select Swipe.


You will be prompted to swipe your key code. Please do so using your desktop card reader. Once your card has been read click OK to send this information to the gate.

The next step is to test the card at the gate. Although most magnetic swipe cards will work with our system, some do not. It is wise to have your tenant test their card as soon as it is added to ensure the cards compatibility.

Manny Ramirez

Technical Support