Adding Key Codes to QuikStor Express

A new access code for a unit can easily be added at any time. Simply select the desired tenant. Go to the MISC tab of the tenant information window and click on the Key Codes button. keycodesSelect the ADD buttonadd

Enter the desired code name, code number and access rights. Click OKaccess

If the code already exists in the database the system will alert you that this is a duplicate code. Keep in mind that a duplicate code can cause problems where one tenant has a delinquent unit and another tenants unit is current but both units will share access rights (either access or denial). Choose no if you want to assign a different key code or YES if it is OK for the tenant to share this code.keycode_already_assigned

If no duplicate exists the code will be added and your gate updated!

April has worked at QuikStor since 2008. As the former technical support manager she is experienced with all QuikStor products. Currently, she works as a sales representative to help storage facilities find solutions with QuikStor. Interested in purchasing software or keypads? Call April today!