Adding Partner Credentials

QuikStor Express works with a variety of different partners.

To add a new partner credentials go to Site Setup -> Internet Setup


Select the Partner Integration’s tab and then click the sign to add a partner integration.


Enter the Partner Title and then Create a New User for This Partneraddpartner

The user name and password should not have any spaces and should be at least five digits in length. Once you have entered a user name and password for this partner click OK. You will see the partner’s name in the list of Current Defined Partnersintegration

Click OK again to exit the Internet Settings window. You must now email the partner provider the credential information you have created for them.

If you receive an error while trying to add a partner with the method above, exit out and add the partner as an additional user. Then, return to the partner integration page and use the radio flyer button to select the user to assign to the partner




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