Adding Sensors to Guardian Control Panel

Adding additional sensors to Guardian Control Panel is easy if you follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Locate the sensor ID on the sensor. This will usually be on a white label attached to the sensor when it was shipped. If the label has fallen off or is no longer legible, the sensor circuit board will also have a sticker with the sensor ID. This sensors ID is 5660sensor_pic_for_kb
  2. Open Guardian Control Panel and navigate to the Sensor & Siren Zone tab.
  3. Under the sensor section, click the sign to add this new sensorGCPSensorTab
  4. Fill in all fields associated with this sensor including unit number, Sensor ID (from step 1), Siren Zone, Device Type, Active Siren and Active Log. For the most part, these values should match the other sensors in neighboring units.
    You can have more than one sensor assigned to one unit. This usually happens when a unit has two doors such as a drive thru unit or a unit with two doors. Each sensor will need its own line but it is OK to duplicate unit numbers if needed
  5. Click Save All to save your changes.
It is important to note that the sensor does not HAVE to be installed on the unit it is labeled for. When your new sensors ship from QuikStor we pre-label them with unit numbers and will automatically add all of the sensors to the unit list so you don’t have to do that one by one. If you need to install a sensor on a unit different than the one it was labeled for be sure and update the sensor list. You can sort the sensor list by Unit and Sensor ID for ease of located the sensor that needs to be reassigned to a different unit


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