Adding Variables in Word Processing

A variable is a pre-defined data source that inserts the associated value or text into a selected notice/letter automatically.  Variables are indicated by surrounding “[ ]” bracket symbols while in the word processing edit window.  For example, if I had a variable called [rent], I would include it in my report as I did in this sentence.

Go to Tools -> Word Processing.  Click on the document you wish to edit, then on Design. Double click in the area you wish to add the variable and a Text Editor window will appear.  Select the spot where you wish to insert the variable, and click on this button button1.  This will bring up the Expression Builder window, which looks similar to this.variable1

Within this window click on the “Variable” button and you will get a window that looks similar to this.variable2

A list of all available variables in Express for this report or letter will be shown.  Scroll through the list and select the variable you wish to insert, and then click the OK button.

This will then take you back to the Expression Builder window.  Variables must be entered individually.  Once you are done, click on the OK button and you will be back at the Text Editor window and you will now see your variable listed.  If that is the only change you wish to make click on the checkbox button to return to the document.

At this point, it would be a good idea to make sure that the Variable that you chose to insert into this document works the way you want it to. Click the Print Preview button (printpreview) for a preview of the document on the screen and you will see if this is how you want it to work.  If it is, save the changes and exit back to your main screen of Express.  If not, go back through the above steps to find the variable that you wish to use.