Adding Your Relay Board into the Guardian Control Panel

Your daily operations with the gate and wireless alarm system will be done solely within QSX, including reviewing real-time door activity and running activity reports.

However you will need to use the Guardian Control Panel to setup your initial relay board configuration settings.

There are several functions that your new relay board can perform in conjunction with your Guardian Access Control system.

Once your relay board is installed and powered, you must add it into the Guardian Control Panel so that the system will recognize it. In the Guardian Control Panel go to the, “Elevator & Relay Setup” tab. In the middle left of the screen you will see a small box called, “Relay Board”.  Click the “+” button and enter in the ID of your first relay board. Most facilities only require a single relay board and they come programmed as ID number 60. You can then enter a description for your relay board such as, “Elevator Relay” or “Siren Relay” to help differentiate them in the software. That is it. Your relay board(s) is now enrolled into the Guardian system.


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