Adjust Security Deposit for a Unit Type

Each unit type in QuikStor Express can have it’s own individual security deposit amount. This would allow, for example, a facility to have a $25 security deposit for their 5×5 units but a $100 security deposit for their 10×20 units. Generally the default security deposit is configured during Data Entry. Modifying, changing, or adding a security deposit amount to a unit type is an easy process.

Go to Settings -> Unit Setup

To work with the unit types section click on the type button.

Select the unit type you would like to work with from the list: ChangeTypes

Select the Change Type button and the following menu will appear:


From this screen you can set the Security Deposit to be a Flat Rate or % of Rent.

Click OK 

The system will prompt you to confirm the change. Click OK 

The default security deposit for this unit type has now been set. Existing tenants will not be affected. New move-ins will automatically have the new security deposit amount added to the Financial Tab during the move-in process.