Applying a Monthly Charge for an Existing Tenant

Select the tenant you want to work with.  In the General (Gen) tab of the Tenant Information window, click on the Amt Due Mo: button.


That will bring you to this screen:amountduemonthly

Click on the Add/Remove Charges button.  The Monthly Charges window will appear. To add a monthly charge, select the desired charge from the list of Available Monthly Charges on the left hand side. Then click the red arrow to assign the monthly charge. Click here for instructions on how to add a new Monthly Charge.


Enter the amount to be charged each month for this item and click OK.enteramount

QuikStor Express will display the new monthly breakdown newamountmonthly

When you click OK an information window will appear advising that the monthly amount will be effective on the tenants paid-to-date. Click OK if everything is OK or Cancel if you want to make changes.newamountok

Using the basics of the instructions above you can add, change, or remove monthly charges.