Backdating the Computer

If you receive the message below it means that your computer date has been changed to a point in the past.  Either the date was set forward and you just fixed it, or it was set correctly and you just moved it back.  In both cases you will receive the following message:backdating

Express is designed to protect against backdating, as it causes major database integrity errors.  If you received the above error, you should:

  • Move the computer date to today’s date, or
  • Keep the computer date as today, restore your database to the backup made on what the computer thought was today’s date, and re-enter all transactions and changes made in the database between the date that the computer thought was today (probably yesterday or the day before) through current.

For example, if today is August 23 and you discover that the computer thinks it’s August 24, you will need to fix the computer date, restore the database to the one made on “August 23,” (which is actually August 22) and put in all the transactions that happened between the time the backup was made on August 22 and right now.