Billing Reports

This section contains reports that concerning the billing for your site.  Below is a breakdown of each report and a brief description of each.

Upcoming Bills To Be Sent – By Unit, Paid-to-Date or Last Name(E-L-K)

Generates a list of all upcoming bills – can be sorted by unit, paid-to-date, or last name.

Bills Sent for Any Time Period (E-L-M)

This report generates a list of bills sent for a specified date range.  The report will display the date, unit, name and current paid-to-date of the tenant.

Billing Status – By Unit or Name (E-L-A)

This report shows the billing status of all tenants. The report displays unit, last name, billing status, whether the bill is printed, e-mailed or both, paid-to-date, next bill date, rent, and tenant’s current balance.

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support