California Law – Late Charge Setup

california_late_lawThis window allows you to quickly and easily set up per-unit late charges in accordance with California late charge law (as of January 1, 2001).

To get to this section, go to File -> California Law Late Charge Setup.

Select either Percentage or Flat Fee in each price category.  Then enter a value into the field below.  If no units in your site match the category, simply leave it at “0”.  Alternately, you can check “Use maximum amount allowed under California law”.  This will disable the rest of the fields.

For your reference, the maximum allowable amounts for late charges on a given unit are as follows:

  •  Rent $60/month or under:  $10.00 Maximum
  •  Rent between $60 and $100/month:  $15.00 Maximum
  •  Rent $100/month and over:  Maximum $20.00 or 15% of Rent – whichever is greater

There is also a checkbox for the option to be able to always round down.  This option allows you to have Express automatically round down if you are using the percentage section for the above columns and the amount it going to have a elongated number in the cents field.

Important Note:  Using a percentage here does not mean that your units will update automatically during a rent change.  Check the “Automatically Update Late Charge During Rent Changes” box at the bottom of the tab to have the program re-calculate the late charge percentage upon rent changes.

When you have set the charges for this window, click Save & Exit to finish.

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