Can Not Connect to Database Error

QuikStor Express and Guardian Control Panel rely on a database engine named Firebird. Firebird is what allows QuikStor Express and Guardian Control Panel to access your sites data. By default, Firebird starts automatically when the computer starts. Very rarely, users may see an error that says:

Cannot connect to database: C:\qsx\Data\qsx.gdb
Firebird may not be running or database name is invalid

Exception: Unavailable database


This usually indicates that, for some reason Firebird has been stopped or uninstalled. To check if Firebird is running go to Start -> Control Panel on your windows PC. controlpanel

If you are in Category View you will need to switch to Icon view using the drop down


Click on the Firebird Icon


If Firebird is running the “stop” icon will be available.


If Firebird is not running the “Start” icon will be available. Click “Start” to start Firebird and then try to open your QuikStor software.firebirdstopped

If you are unable to locate the Firebird icon in QuikStor Express please contact QuikStor for further assistance!

Manny Ramirez

Technical Support