3D Site Graphics User Guide

Being a document regarding the care and feeding of the new 3D QuikStor GL Site Graphics software.


There are 3 different camera modes, Orbital, Manual and Pan (affectionately referred to as “Lawnmower”) mode.

1 is Orbital mode; this is a far away zoom that shows the entire facility with the camera positioned in the middle, spinning at a moderate rate.

2 is Manual mode; where you choose the angle, zoom, and camera position.  This is the mode you will be in most frequently

3 is Panning or “Lawnmower” mode.  This will automatically zoom in fairly tight at an 80 degree angle, and continuously move the camera position along you entire facility.  When it gets to an edge it will turn, and if you have a multi floor site, when it gets done with the entire floor it will automatically change floors for you.


Holding the left mouse button down and moving the mouse in any direction will change the direction the camera is pointing.  Holding this mouse button, moving the mouse then letting go of the mouse button while still moving the mouse will allow you to place the camera in a spin.  The faster you are moving the mouse when you let up on the button, the faster it will spin.  Watch out for getting dizzy!

Holding the right mouse button down and moving the mouse up and down will change the zoom of the camera.

The arrow keys control the physical position of the camera.

The space bar will change the floor you are looking at.  The floor will automatically change after a certain amount of time in Orbital mode.


P brings up the Preferences menu.  This allows to you do several things.

  • Turn off Anti-Aliased lines.  This will improve performance with lower end video cards, but will cause unit lines to look jagged.  If you are not having frame rate difficulties, it is not recommended you turn this off.
  • Increase or decrease the programs priority.  It is not recommended that you adjust this, but if you are having issues with express being much slower than normal, you can turn this down to idle to free up some processing power.  Increasing this slider will devote more processing power to the QuikStor GL program.
  • Turn on or off seasons.  QuikStor GL will automatically sense what season it is, and will adjust the graphics accordingly.  Changes include brighter skies and grass during summer and dead trees in winter.  If you wish to only see one season, just uncheck every season but the one you want to see.

L brings up the legend; this will tell you what color means what status.  To change a color, simply click on the color you wish to change, this will bring up a color selector screen.  Click the color you wish to use and click OK.  See your changes immediately by clicking on apply.

If you are displaying this on a Plasma screen or any other screen that may have problems with burn in, and only have one floor, pressing the letter F will turn off the floor indicator.


If you wish to exit the program, hit Esc and the program will close

If the program is on the wrong monitor, pressing CTRL-ENTER will make it jump to the other screen.

If you wish to run the program in windowed mode, pressing SHIFT-ENTER will put it in a small window that you can drag around.

The native resolution for this program is 1024 x 768.  It will run in any resolution, but this is the recommended resolution, and other resolutions may cause system instability.


(Allcon & QuikStor GL-2013-1-29.EXE)

‘l’ brings the legend at which point they can click on Clear All Alarms and Tampers or from the 3D Map they can click on ‘c’ to do the same.

Tech’s can add CLEAR_ALARMS=X  to Allcon.cfg which will clear alarms and tampers every X mins. Default is 0

Transfer 3D Site Graphics to Another Screen:

Ctrl + Enter

If that doesn’t work try: shift + enter, drag over, maximize, sometimes hitting shift + enter again will make it full screen. You have to maximize it on the second screen first or it will move back to the main screen.


Probably running in the background. Open taskmanager and “end task” on any copies of quikstorgl.exe

If that didn’t work, restart computer and that should fix it