Closing Allcon Console

Allcon console is the “brain” for the Guardian Keypad system. It is the program that transmits information from your management software and Guardian Control Panel out to the keypads. All data coming in from the keypads, such as Keypad activity, are processed in Allcon first before being relayed to either QuikStor Express or Guardian Control Panel. This is Allcon Console:


Allcon console is designed to run in the background meaning that you shouldn’t see it. If you are seeing it clicking “X” will not make it go away. You must “hide” it. To hide allcon, locate the gray gear icon on the lower right hand side of your computer screen (near the system clock)System_clock

If you don’t see it you may need to click on the arrow to expand the system tray menu:


Once you have located the Guardian Icon, right click on it and go to Allcon Console -> Hide.



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