Combining Units

This section will explain how to combine units in QuikStor Express (and QuikMap if applicable).

The first thing you will need to do is create a new unit type if it hasn’t already been setup. Let’s say you want to combine two 5×5 units into one 10×10 unit. If you don’t have a 10×10 type already setup, you will need to create one. You can do this by clicking on File > Units > Unit Setup (if you are using the Modern view you would click the Settings tab instead of the File menu) , then click on the Unit Types button.unit types Now you will see a list of all your unit types. You can click on the Add Type button to add a new unit type if it is not already in the list. change unit type

Now that you have setup your new unit type, you can begin combining the units. You will need to select the unit that you would like to make bigger then click on File > Units > Change Selected Units Type. On the right side of this screen you will be able to select the new unit type you have just created then click OK to apply the change.change selected unit type

On the main screen this unit will now show the new size you just assigned to it. The next step would be to delete the second unit. Go back to File > Units > Unit Setup, select the unit you want to delete from the list and click on the Delete Unit button (unit must be vacated before you can delete it). You have now successfully combined two units into one.

If you use QuikMap, you will need to delete both of the units from the map then add the new combined unit to the map. See the related articles below if you need help deleting and adding new units to your map.

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