Configuring Gate Settings in QuikStor Express for PTI / StorLogix Keypads

Although QuikStor is proud to offer our Guardian Keypads as part of our complete facility security solution by providing both software and keypads, QuikStor Express is compatible with many 3rd party gate providers.

To configure Gate Setup in QuikStor Express for PTI / StorLogix keypads go to Settings -> Change Gate Setupgatesetup
By default you will have a zone called Front Gate which will be set to Time Zone 1changegatesetupIf you like you can modify this zone name to be more descriptive. Be sure to click Apply after making any changes.changename

You can also add additional zones at any time. Each zone setup in QuikStor Express should correlate to a different time zone setting in your gate software. So, for example, I’ll click on ADD to add a zone called 24 Hour Access and set that as Time Zone 2. I’ll click Apply and Close to save.


When I go to add my tenants keycode I can now choose the Zone I want the tenant to have access to.Add Keycode

QuikStor Express does not store Non-Tenant Codes for sites using the PTI / StorLogix integration. For sites using this integration you can either create a company unit and add all non-tenant codes to that unit or contact PTI / StorLogix for information on how to enter non-tenant code information into their software.
QuikStor Express does not control gate hours, holiday lockout or grace period. All of these settings can be found and configured within your gate interface software.

Manny Ramirez

Technical Support