Configuring QuikPay Direct

QuikPay Direct is the fastest and easiest way to charge credit cards.  There are two integrations available with QuikPay Direct. The first is a seamless integration called, “QuikStor Processing” that provides the lowest flat-rate in the industry. The second is an independent payment gateway provided by Plug’n Pay. Both methods are 100% PCI compliant and stores all sensitive credit card information on the processors secure servers. No credit card information is ever stored in QuikStor Express. Both methods provide seamless transactions from Express’ payment form, as well as automatic credit card & checking account billing during Overnight Processing that make monthly payments a simple automatic process.

NOTE:  This is an included module in Express Professional and an optional module for Express Standard. To find out more information, please contact your QuikStor account representative.

Follow these four easy steps to set up QuikStor Express for QuikPay Direct

  1. Fill out the paperwork for either your Plug N’ Pay account or your QuikStor Processing account. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your QuikStor account representative.
  2. Verify your Internet Setup within Express is complete.  QuikPay Direct communicates with Plug N’ Pay or QuikStor Processing through an Internet connection.  It determines how to connect to the Internet via the Internet Setup screen – so make sure that you have gone through the Express Manual’s section on Internet Setup and completed this.  For confirmation, send a test e-mail through Express and make sure it is received properly.
  3. Contact QuikStor to turn on the QuikPay Direct integration.  The integration itself is only accessible to QuikStor technicians.
  4. Express Setup.  The final step is the setup itself.  Log into Express and go to File ->Site Setup -> Change Site Setup.  You will either a tab labeled “Plug’n Pay” or “QuikStor Processing” depending on which integration you have.  Click on the tab and you will see a screen similar to this: srpsitesetup

NOTE: the above screenshot is for QuikStor Processing, but the Plug N’ Pay tab is similar.

Fill in your username, password, payment URL, and API URL. These parameters are provided by either Plug N’ Pay or by the QuikStor Processing processor. It is typical for QuikStor Support to set this up for you, so don’t worry if you don’t have this information.

Click on Save And Exit and you are done, and can start processing credit cards within QuikStor Express.