Creating a Custom Message for your Website / E-Commerce Page

Quikstor Express allows you to control most facets of your facility’s website or E-Commerce page.

In QSX, you will notice a red Quikstor logo on the top-left corner of the screen.
Clicking on this will bring up a few options, please select Internet Setup.

Note:  If this area is greyed out for you, you may not have access to this section due to a limitation the owner has set on your account. If you need access to this button, please reach out to the owner or facility administrator to obtain access. If you are the owner, please reach out to support at [email protected] or (800)321-1987.

Once you are in Internet Setup, you will select “E-Commerce” from the panel on the left.

You will see 5 tabs along the bottom of the window. Please select Custom Fields.

If you Quikstor hosts and manages your website, Main Page would be your Home Page
If you are using Quikstor E-Commerce pages only, Rent Page would be where you want a message to display.

Within this menu, you will be able to display a message for your tenants or prospective tenants to see!
NOTE: These sections support inline CSS & HTML, but please use at your own discretion. Quikstor can NOT assist you with this.