Creating a Power Plan in Windows 10

To ensure your QuikStor gate system stays updated, the following steps will explain how to create a power plan to ensure your computer does not go into sleep mode.

Step 1 – Search power options in the search box of your task bar.


Step 2 – Now, click on power options from the search results you get.

Step 3 – In the window opened, click change when the computer sleeps in left menu.

Step 4 – Just select Never from both the drop downs next to where it says put the computer to sleep.

Note: – One important thing to note here is that these settings work as per the plans you are currently in. If you are in a power saver mode currently, these settings will work only on power saving mode. If you are in balanced mode these settings will be effective in balanced mode only. To change the battery plan, just click on the battery icon in the task bar and repeat the same steps for the plan you wish the setting to get effected.

Disclaimer: QuikStor does not provide technical support for issues related to the setup of your computer operating system. You must be familiar with these issues yourself and understand the procedures described here without further assistance. QuikStor does not support any setup, configuration or user related issues with this configuration as this should be done by your Information Technology Department or someone experienced with configuring Windows. 

If you should have any problems or questions, please call QuikStor’s Technical Support at 1-800-321-1987. 

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