Customized Word Processing Document Won’t Print

Word Processing in Express is a powerful feature, but it is also very easy to make a mistake.

The most common mistake, and the one that will prevent the letter or notice from printing, is misuse of variables.

To Express, a variable is anything enclosed by brackets.  For example, if I had a variable called [rent], I would include it in my report as I did in this sentence.

Variables must be defined in such a way that Express knows what they are.  This means that the program must know what the variable refers to in the software, and the variable must be named exactly what the program expects it to be named.  Variables are utilized on a letter-by-letter basis, so variables used in the First Late Notice may or may not be available for use in the Pre-Lien Notice.  Because this is very complicated, it is recommended that you only use the variables that are noted in the default letter that you are trying to edit.

However if you do make a mistake and experience printing issues, you can remove the variable(s) that are creating the problem.  The easiest way to do this is to restore to the default letter and start again, using only the variables that are in the default letter.  To do this from the main screen of Express go to Tools -> Word Processing, and then select the notice or letter you wish to work with and click “Restore Default Notice.”


If you do not want to restore and use the default template, you may go through each variable in the letter and verify that it is correct and has been changed. Incorrect spacing, spelling, etc could all cause variable issues.

The easiest way to do this is to write down each variable that you manually entered into the document and then go to File -> Data Dictionary.  This will give you a list of all of variables within the specified letter,