Delete An Existing Unit

How do I Delete an existing unit?

At times you may alter the configuration of your site and have damaged or unwanted units that you physically remove from your site layout.  Or you may remove a wall between units, thus making the two units into one.  If these situations you will need to delete the removed units from your existing dataset in QuikStor Express.  Below is an explanation of how to do this.

First, before you do anything in QuikStor Express that will alter the state of your data, you must go to File -> Backup Database to ensure that you have a current backup of your data.

To get to required section, go to Settings -> Unit Setup.  You will see a screen similar to this: unitsetup

Select the unit that you wish to delete, then click on the: deleteUnit button.

Note:  You will not be able to delete any unit that is occupied, so if you wish to delete such a unit, you must first either transfer the existing tenant to a different unit, or move the tenant out.

Now if you are sure this is the unit you wish to delete and you clicked on the Delete Unit button a message will appear that looks like this: cantbringback

Click on the Yes button to confirm the Delete, Click on the No button if you wish to return to the window you were working with before.

Just so QuikStor Express is absolutely sure that you want to perform this function another window will pop up saying:veryverygood

Click Yes to Continue, or No to return to the Unit Setup Window.

Once you have confirmed the Delete, click on Save All Changes and Exit, and you will be back at the main screen of QuikStor Express.

If during the deletion process you are unsure on whether or not you want to delete a unit, please click on the No button and contact QuikStor Technical Support to make sure you are following the proper process for what you want to accomplish.