Delinquency Setup

This window allows you to change how QuikStor Express handles tenants that are late paying their bills.  You can choose what notices and charges are given, and when they are given.


Note: To setup Daily Late Charges in Classic View go to File -> Site Setup -> Change Site Setup -> Technical

To get to this window go to the File menu on the toolbar and select Delinquency Setup.


The first step in using this screen is to click on the name of the delinquency action with which you want to work.  The actions are listed in the box marked “Available Actions”.  The checkbox next to the option will set whether that option is active.

Once you have clicked on one of the available actions, you can apply various options to that action.

Note:  Only the options that are relevant to the highlighted action will show on the screen.

Action Options – This will allow you to determine whether or not this action recurs, even if the tenant is still delinquent from last month.  You can also decide how many days after rent is due this action should be performed.  If the Action is Pre-lien, you can also choose when the action will expire.  This is an important step. Whatever time frame that you specify for the Pre-Lien to expire is when your Lien Sale notice will print out.

Charge Options – This will allow you to adjust what charge is applied to this action, if any.  You may choose either a flat rate fee, or a percentage of the tenant’s rent (giving a minimum and maximum fee charged).  For both the Advertising and the Cut Lock fees you will set the charges up here, but when the time comes for them to be applied you will need to do that manually (for info on how to do that in Express please refer to pg 161 – Applying Charges).

Print Options – These options will allow you to choose who will get delinquency notices, whether they print during overnights, and how many copies will print.

At the bottom is the “Last Auction Details” box that allows you to enter information about your last auction event. This information will be displayed on the next day’s Daily Report.

You may customize the name of any delinquency notice, for example you may call the Second Late Notice a Courtesy Notice. To customize the notice title click on the Customie Notice Title button on the lower right corner of the Delinquency Settings window.

When you have modified all of the necessary actions, click the ?Save & Exit button to save and exit.