E-Commerce Settings – General Tab

To configure E-Commerce for your facility you will need to utilize the E-Commerce tab in Internet Settings. This article will explain each area found in the General tab for E-Commerce settings.

Internet Setup


A. Delinquent Payments – This section controls how many days after the paid to date tenants can pay their bill online. E-commerce only accepts full payment via credit card. Some facilities may decide they want tenants who are severely delinquent to pay in the store with cash only. Enter the number of days for which delinquent tenants should still be able to pay online. Allow Rent Unit – Check this box to allow unit rental on your e-commerce page. Unchecking this box will remove the Rent a Unit tab from your e-commerce site.

B. Edit Tenant Info – Choose whether to allow your tenants to change / update their information online. Only current tenants can change info. What they can change will be determined by this setting. You can choose to disable this feature, enable for only blank fields or enable for all fields.tenantinfo

C. Home Page URL – Enter the entire URL for your main webpage here including http:// . This information will be used to redirect your customers to your main website when they click the Home button in the upper right hand corner of your e-commerce site.

D. Force Pro-Rate on Move-In – By default e-commerce does not force pro-rate for online move-ins. Select this button if your site is a strict first of the month facility or if you want e-commerce rentals to be pro-rated to the first. Note: An on-line special can override this setting.

E. Force Pro Rate + One Months Rent – This setting and the one above are mutually  exclusive. Both cannot be checked. This button will force pro-rate plus one months rent only after a certain day in the month. For example, if you would like all on-line move-ins after the 20th to include the pro-rate from the 20th to the 1st and then the next full months rent, you would use this button.

F. Show only 6 unit types: For facilities with a lot of different unit types this button limits the number of options shown to prospective tenants for rentals and reservations to six.

G. Display Online Transaction Notification Popups: QuikStor Express can pop-up a notice in the lower right hand corner of the software screen at the site when on-line payments are made. Check this button to enable that feature.

H. Available Credit Cards – By default all four major card types are selected. If your facility does not accept American Express, for example, simply un-check the American Express box and tenants will not have the ability to pay via American Express on your eCommerce website.