E-Y-A Glossary

The EYA report is designed to show Manager Activity. The “Why” column explains the manager activity being reported. Here is a brief explanation of the types of things you may see in the WHY column of the EYA report for your facility:


FreeProR-MoveIn – This message means the pro-rated rent was waived at time of move-in. This is the amount of rent that would be charged to move the tenant’s paid to date from the date of move-in to the first of the following month. This occurs when the manager clicks the “Free Pro Rate” button on the Financial Tab as shown in the thumbnail at right.eya_line_item

MF-ProRate – This message appears when a special gives a free pro-rate. The MF stands for Move-in Free

MD-PeriodOne – This message appears when a special gives a discount. This discount applies for Period 1 but could also be PeriodTwo etc depending on the special. The MD stands for Move-in Discount

Credit – This message appears when a manager gives a tenant a credit.

Debit – This message appears when a manager debits a tenants account.

Paid-To-Change – This message appears when a manager has changed a tenant’s paid-to-date manually without taking a payment or doing a payment reversal.

Voided Payment – This message appears when a manager has voided a payment.

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