Editable Documents

This window allows you to customize the layout and design of the notices and letters to your tenants by using the word processing program included with QuikStor Express.

Go to Tools -> Word Processing.  There will be a list of the various documents within Express that you can edit using this function.
NOTE:  If you are using QuikStor Express Lite you are only able to edit the Pre-Lien and Lien Sale Notices.


The first time you use this function, it may be a good idea to first click on the checkbox next to “Restore All” and then click the “Restore Default Notices” button.  This will confirm that all notices are as they should be.  Note that you have the ability to do this for an individual notice or letter at any time, so no matter what you do to any given document, there is no amount of damage that would make it so far gone as to be completely irreparable.

Click on the document you wish to edit, then on the “Design” button at the bottom left.

What you now see is the document format.  Anything in [brackets] is a variable.  Anywhere you see text is editable.

checkwordprocessingDouble click on the white box of the section you wish to edit. This will bring up a text editor that will allow you to add/change/delete text and variables.  In the upper right area of the text editor are an X and a check mark, among other icons.  Hold your mouse over each icon to see what they represent – but be aware that the X exits the text editor without making changes and the check mark exits the text editor and applies whatever changes were made.

If you need to expand a text block, you can do so from the document format screen by first selecting the text block (single click on it), then click & hold while any of the black squares on the outer edge of the text box. Drag the box to its new location causing the box to expand or shrink. If you wish to delete an entire text block, select it (single click) and press the “delete” key on your keyboard.  If you wish to add a text block, click on the icon on the left side of the screen (if you hold your mouse over it, it will read “Insert Rectangle Object”), then click, hold, and drag the mouse to the area you wish to have a new text box.

The “Master Data” areas should remain untouched – this is the area where Express displays calculations and breakdowns. Be careful if you must edit these sections!

If you wish to add a page, go to Edit -> Add Page.  Once you have added a page, you can switch between pages using the tabs at the top of the editing area.

When you are finished editing your document, you can find the  button near the top of the screen – press that button and Express will ask if you wish to save your changes – if so, say yes.


If you make a mistake and wish to restore the notice to its original format, you can select it and click the Restore Default Notice button. To restore all edited documents, check the All box and click the Restore Default Notice button


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