Editing the Lease Addendum

Making changes to an existing, multi-page lease addendum is an easy task. The following steps walk you through a basic paragraph edit in a multi-page lease addendum.

Go to Tools -> Word Processing

Select Lease Addendum and click Design


You are now in the document designer. Select the page containing the text that needs to be edited.SelectLeasePage

Click on the text box containing the text that needs to be edited. There are sometimes more than one text box. You will know you have selected the correct text box when small black circles appear around the text box frame. selecttextbox

Once you are sure you have the correct text box, double click to open the editor.


Modify any text that needs to be changed. Click the check box then the save button and close out of the text editor.


Verify the text on the page displays correctly. Click save and then Close.SAVEDOCUMENT

Once your document has been saved you ALWAYS want to preview your changes before exiting out of Word Processing. It is imperative that you do this to ensure the document will print correctly. To preview the document select it from the word processing menu and click Preview With Existing Tenant.previewchanges

That’s it! We recommend making small changes and saving often. If you encounter any trouble during this process please feel free to give us a call!