Email Bills, Notices and/or Receipts

Express provides you with the option to email bills, notices, and receipts to a tenant’s email account, to give them a separate copy for their reference.

These documents will be sent out either when you process the outbox manually, or when overnights occur (if you have this setting enabled).

You will need to configure the following settings to make sure they will process and send correctly:

Internet Setup

First, you will have to make sure that you have the Internet settings correctly set up, working, and that you have a valid Internet account. Do this by going to File -> Internet Setup. You can also review these article for additional information on setting up QuikStor to send emails:

Tenant Information

destinationsSet up your tenants to receive the bills, notices, and/or receipts.

Select the tenant you wish to have these emailed to, then go to Tenant -> Change Info.

Tenant Tab – Enter an email address for this tenant in the field given.  This will be the email address that the bill/notice/receipt is sent to.

Next click the “Destination Options” button and confirm that the “email” option is checked beside all of the items you want emailed to this tenant.

sendabillMiscellaneous Tab – If you want these to automatically be sent during overnight processing for this individual tenant, click on the miscellaneous tab and put a check mark beside the “Send a Bill” option.  You can also select how many months you want to sent a bill for in advance.

Click on the ?Ok button to save your changes and exit.