Error When Trying to Update

A commonly experienced error when trying to update is a message that says: Can not update your software. Unable to open the data connection.


In almost 100% of cases this is due to your Firewall and / or Anti-Virus blocking the update from downloading / installing. To install the update, try disabling your firewall and / or anti-virus temporarily while the program updates.

Another, less frequent error message, is Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer? or Windows Needs Your Permission To Continue . Both of these error messages are generated by Windows User Account Control. QuikStor requires User Account Control be turned off for ALL of it’s software products. If you are uncertain how to disable User Account Control on your computer please refer to the Microsoft support desk. For your convenience this link references Microsoft’s article for Windows 7. The steps for your computer may be different depending on your operating system.

Paul Mahoney

Technical Support