Exporting in AVI and Still Images

  • Select the DMS Lite Playback tab.
  • In the Playback tab’s Backup pane, specify when the period to be covered by the export should start. You do this by typing the required date in the first Start Time field and the time in the second field.
  • In the End Time fields, specify end date and time for the backup.
  • Select the required camera from the camera list. You must select an individual camera from the list.
  • Click the Backup button. This will open a separate Backup dialog; the dialog will list the specified start time, end time, and camera.
  • Only relevant if you are going to backup in AVI format: If the selected camera has a microphone attached—and the surveillance system supports audio—audio from speakers attached to the selected camera is included in the export as well. If you do not want to backup audio, select Video only option.
  • In the dialog’s backup setting pane, select the required backup format: AVI or still image.
  • Select required Codec and quality for AVI format.
  • Select format of still image when you want to backup as still image.
  • Select OSD option for AVI and Still image, when you select this option the backup file includes this OSD text data also.

Specify export destination in the backup dialog’s Destination section.

Desktop: If you select Desktop, your backup file will be saved automatically in a Created Backup folder on the desktop of your PC.

Local Path: If you select local Path, you are able to specify a path yourself.

  • The backup file will be saved in the path you specify.
  • You can also select the path on a network shared folder in company.

Media: If you select media, you are able to back up the file on DVD of PC.

  • The Erase button allows you to re-write on re-writable media

Click the Start Backup button to begin the backup procedure. The status bar in the upper part of the backup dialog will display the status of the backup:

Frequently Asked Questions about Exporting:

FAQ: Can I export audio too? When backup in the AVI. you are—when the surveillance system supports audio—able to include audio recorded by microphones in the backup.. When backup in the JPEG format, you cannot include audio.

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