Final Processing Checklist

This is the last step you will take in the Data Entry process.  This window gives you a checklist to make sure that you have performed all of the above functions.

To perform this function, go to the File menu on the toolbar and select Final Processing Checklist, or click on the Checklist button on the main screen.

Once selected, a window will come up showing you a checklist of the above procedures.  If you haven’t completed all of the sections it will not let you perform Final Processing.  Even if you are done with all of the steps above, it is always a good idea to check your work.  If you are at this screen and want to check through your work one last time, click on the Return to Main Screen button.

When you are sure that you have entered all of this information correctly, and you are ready to begin working with QuikStor Express, go to the Final Processing Checklist window and click on the Perform Final Processing button.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once you have performed Final Processing, you will not be able to use the Data Entry Program again.  All adjustments from then on will be performed in QuikStor.

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