Free Inventory Item at Move-In

There may be times when you need to provide a free inventory item to a tenant on the fly at move-in. If the inventory is being included free along with a special, your special MUST be setup to include the inventory item. If no special is being used, free inventory can be given as follows:

Complete all move-in screens as normal. Click on Inventory. 


Select the inventory item you wish to give the tenant and click next.


A window appears asking for the QTY of items to be sold as well as the price. Adjust the price as desired on the inventory item. On this screen you can also choose whether or not you will still charge the tenant tax on the free item. Requirements vary from state to state so please check with your corporate office or state tax board if you are unsure how to proceed.


Click the ADD button to add the item to the tenants account.


Click Close once you are finished with this area.

The tenant will only be charged for the sales tax for this inventory item at move-in.