Gate Activity Reports

This category provides you reports on gate and alarm activity at your facility.  Below is a list of the various types of reports and a brief description about each of them.

PLEASE NOTE – gate activity will only be displayed in Express if you are using a QuikStor access control system, such as the Guardian Series. All other gate integrations are one-way and no feedback is provided by the gate system to Express. Because of that, these reports only apply to QuikStor gate integrations.

List of All Gate Codes (E-Y-S)

This report will print all tenant gate codes.  When you select this report, the option comes up to print the list with or without occupied units that have no keycodes.  You may sort it by unit, name, keycode, or keycode zone.

List of Gate Codes for a Selected Unit (E-Y-Y)

This report will print all gate codes for a selected unit

Gate Activity (E-Y-C)

This report provides you all gate and wireless door alarm activity for the selected time period.  The report is sorted by date order and includes the following columns unit number, tenant’s last name, admittance check, date, time of attempt, and the which keypad the the code was used at.  At the bottom there is a summary showing total attempts made, admitted, exits, denied, and unknown.

Gate Activity for Unit (E-Y-E)

Select a tenant from your unit list on the main screen. The report will display activity for the selected tenant only.

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