Guardian Relay Board Warranty Activation

Each new Guardian relay board comes with a one year warranty. This warranty includes damage that may occur from strong electrical surges, such as from lightning. To take advantage of this lightning/surge warranty you MUST fill out and return the following activation form for EACH Guardian relay board that is installed. QuikStor will NOT replace under warranty any relay board damaged due to lightning that has not completed this activation!

PLEASE NOTE: The Surge Boards are meant to act as fuses for severe electrical surges and are NOT covered under warranty.

Guardian Activation Form

Following is a Guardian Activation Form to complete and return to your QuikStor Account Representative for activation. If you have more than one Guardian relay board to activate you may make a photo copy of this form or contact your QuikStor Account Representative for additional copies via email (PDF) or USPS.

Required Guardian Installation Pictures

To complete the activation of your Guardian warranty, you must not only complete the following activation form but also submit pictures showing the following:

  • The relay board powered and wired in its installed location
  • A clear picture showing the grounding wire connected to the surge board’s Earth Ground screw.
  • The grounding method for each keypad, such as the termination of the grounding wire to a ground rod or other acceptable grounding source.
Relay Board Warranty Form

Relay Board Warranty Form


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