Guardian Wireless Keypad Communication

The new Guardian Series access control system has the ability to communicate wirelessly. This is a great option if conduit runs are not possible, you are in a high lightning area and wish to reduce wiring exposure or if you simply want reliable communication that will never require maintenance & replacement as wire typically does over time.

When using the wireless radio system you will not use a Surge Board for data communication. Instead you will use a Radio Board with a small radio & antennae connected to it. The standard radio/antennae combination is rated at 800 ft. line-of-site. Obstacles will reduce this range.

The only configuration required when installing the wireless system is to flip dip switch #8 from OFF to ON (up position) on the bank of DIP switches. See drawing below for clarification if needed. This setting will be pre-configured by QuikStor if the component was ordered with a radio. However if you are changing from hardwired to radio, you will need to change this DIP switch setting which can easily be done in the field with a small flat-head screwdriver.

The radio, board and antennae should be pre-installed by QuikStor. Simply power the wireless devices and they will automatically detect each other. There are RANGE and COMMUNICATION (COM) LEDs located on the Radio Board to assist you during setup. In addition there is a power LED to signify that the radio is receiving the necessary power.

NOTE: Only the UltraConverter can have a Surge Board and Radio Board installed at the same time. The Keypad and Relay Boards must only have one or the other installed as there is no need to ever have both on a single board.

There is no problem mixing and matching wireless and hardwired components at a single site however. If you will be doing that, simply confirm that you have both a Surge Board and a Radio Board installed on your UltraConverter. 

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