How to Enable/Disable Late Fees

Quikstor Express has the capability to apply late fees to customers during the overnight process.
This ability does require some set up, and this article will explain set up.

If you’re using Classic View: You will go to “File” > “Delinquency Setup”

If you’re using Modern View: You will go to “Settings” > “Delinquency Setup” (The Stop Light)

If you click on “Delinquency Setup” you’ll see different settings for what we call “Delinquency Actions”.
These are actions that are applied during the Overnight Process.
The actions are:

  • First Late Notice
  • First Late Charge
  • Second Late Notice
  • Second Late Charge
  • Third Late Notice
  • Third Late Charge
  • Pre-Lien Notice
  • Lien Sale Notice
  • Cut Lock
  • Advertising

You can pick and choose what actions get applied and what don’t.

The late charges and notices are pretty straightforward.
A late notice action generates and prints and/or emails the late letter to the tenant after a set amount of days. (This is configured in the Delinquency Settings)
A late charge action applies a monetary fee to the account after a set amount of days.

The Pre-Lien and Lien Sale Notice actions apply a monetary fee AND send out a letter to your tenants informing them that they are getting late enough to start the process of the lien sale, and once the lien sale process has officially started.

The Cut Lock action will apply a monetary fee for when the lock needs to be cut. A report can be configured to print out what tenants need their locks cut that day.

The Advertising action applies a monetary fee to the tenants account to recoup the money spent advertising and prepping the unit for auction.


In “Delinquency Setup”, the actions screen will look as such:

Once you’re on this screen, you’re able to go through each setting and configure them to your facilities needs.
-‘Recurring’ box checked means this this charge applies every month the tenant is delinquent
– ‘Process action x days after rent is due’ is to let the program know WHEN to apply this. (Note that days do NOT include the PTD. If you set it for 10 days and the tenants PTD is the 1st, it will apply the 11th)
-In Charge Options you’re able to set the late fees according to how your state allows you to apply them. You can set a flat rate or a percentage of rent, with minimum and maximum configurable amounts.

In order to enable or disable an action, you will need to un-check the box on the LEFT hand side.