How to export QuikStor Reports to .CSV (Excel)

There are many computer programs that read CSV files, the most commonly used one being Microsoft Excel. A CSV file is a way to transcribe data from any table in one program (in this case, QuikStor Express) into a second program (such as Microsoft Excel). Below are step-by-step instructions on how to export QuikStor Reports to .CSV files so that they can be read by Microsoft Excel and other programs.

  • First, select the specific report in QuikStor Express via the Report Selector or Report Center that you would like to export to .CSV Format: If you are uncertain how to access the report selector, please review the following article that explains step-by-step on how to do this:

  • Second, click Preview so that you can preview the report that you would like to export to .CSV

  • Third, when you have the report you wish to export, please select from the Save as type: CSV Comma Separated File (*.csv) and click Save

  • Fourth, when you have successfully saved your report to .CSV you may now browse your computer and upload that file into Microsoft Excel or another program that reads that file type.

    If you should have any problems or questions, please call QuikStor’s Technical Support at 1-800-321-1987. 

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