Prepare your Office 365 Server

Note: This document has been created “AS IS” to provide some information about how office 365 Email server works with 3rd party application. Before doing these steps and making any changes you need to check with your IT manager and office 365 support. QuikStor has no responsibility about any effects these changes might make on your Email system. 

Microsoft offers 3 ways that you can use your office 365 Email account in a 3rd party application. You can find the article here: . For a reference we’re including the way we found fastest and easiest to be used with QSX and other applications.

Note: If you’ve already been able to send out Emails from another application using your 365’s emails, you should be able to do that with QSX with the same parameters as well and you don’t need to take these steps.

  1. Please contact office 365’s support and get your actual SMTP server name. Please note it differs than Please let them know that you want to use it for an application and they should provide you the actual address. It should look like similar to “”.
  2. Please find your QSX server external IP. You can open your browser on QSX server and just Google “what is my IP” and Google would show you or simply go to this website.
  3. Please login to your web outlook. In the address bar you should see something similar: please replace “OWA” with “ECP” : and then you should get redirected to Email server settings. (Note: You need to be an administrator to login to exchange control panel).
  4. Once you get there, please click on “Mail Flow” on the left sidebar and then click on “Connectors” .
  5. When you press on “+” button you will want to setup a mail flow from “Your organization’s email server” to Office 365
  • Name: Just give it a name and check “Enable Inbound connector”.
  • Make sure “Turn it on” and “Retain internal Exchange email headers” has a check next to them.
  • Select “By verifying that the IP address of the sending server matches one of these IP addresses that belong to your organization” and then click on “+” button and enter your IP you found earlier on step #2 and press Save.

6. Now you are all set. You just need to come back to QSX software, Enter the name you got from Microsoft on step #1 as your SMTP server, and set the port to 25. You may use your Email address in QSX and you DO NOT need to enter any password or authentication.

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